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On Location with Portal by IVS (Innovative Viewing Systems)

Demonstration video of the IVS Portal in action really shows why this is one exciting product

What people are saying about The PortalTM

Jake Adams @ -

"... The Portal aquarium magnifying glass is amazing. How amazing you ask? Do yourself a favor and click on the image above to see the full size image of this ingenious, affordable accessory in action. For up to 18 inches though your tank’s glass, the Portal is both a toy and a tool. The Portal Toy lets you view all kinds of neat stuff on your corals, on your rocks and anything else that isn’t moving. The Portal as a tool lets you inspect corals for parasites, it gives a much better look at the structure of soft and stony corals aiding in identification and you can also park the Portal at the site of unexplained coral recession. Since the Portal works best from a distance you won’t even have to cram your face to the glass to see if a coral is receding from an infection, warfare by a neighbor or from fish nipping. IVS gave us a review unit of a prototype Portal which we’ll continue to experiment in film and video, but for now we just had to share this snapshot of what the Portal is going to do to the reefing hobby. Hyperbole? We think not, just wait til you see one for yourself.

The Portal by IVS (Innovative Viewing Systems) sold out from the overwhelming demand. However you can check our their website for more information. ..."


Matt Rogers posts in the forums -

"... The Portal, a side-mounted magnified coral viewer, is a little product that created a big buzz at Reef-A-Palooza last weekend. The folks at IVS saw a bunch of floating coral viewers and decided to design one that mounts on the front where most view the tank - brilliant! The Portal is a simple two-piece viewer that uses magnets to allow you to position the magnifier where you like and twists apart easily thanks to the contours of its ergonomic grip. The MSRP for the 4" units will be around $65.00 and the 2.5" units will be priced around $45.00. Their goal is to have 6" units available soon. The first shipment of Portals are already sold out with more on the way in late January. Their site will be updated in a couple days with new delivery dates. Time to get in line!..."

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Brian Blank @ -

"... The Portal by IVS (Innovative Viewing Systems) is a nifty magnification tool is one of those neat gadgets you just want to try out. The company is showcasing the product at Reef-A-Palooza and we had to grab one of these to bring back to the hotel and get a closer look at. Think of this as part magnifying glass and part algae cleaner. Coming in a variety of sizes, the Portal consists of a pair of porthole-shaped acrylic rings with a magnification lens on the outside part and an empty hole on the wet side. Like your traditional magnet algae cleaner, the Portal includes felt on the outside and Velcro on the inside so it actually performs two funtions — getting a magnified look into your tank and cleaning your glass. Plus with the magnets, you can leave it on your glass and shift it around as you see fit.

The Portal features a 10x magnification an optically engineered lens tuned to the depth of your aquarium to maximize your viewing experience. The new Portal will be available in a small 2.5 in. version, a medium 4 in. version and the largest measuring in at 6 in. The different sizes will be matched accordingly with different magnets that will work on tanks even 3/4 in. thick with different wet side materials for both acrylic and glass tanks.

We weren’t able find out exactly when these will be available yet but when we get back to the show, we’ll make sure to find out and pass it along. Expect these to retail for around $65.



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